Rush Info Coming Soon!

Dear Potential Rush Member,

            We are so excited that you are considering to rush for Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. As a pledge you are required to participate in 15 hours of service, at least two fellowship events, attend pledge class meetings (Tuesdays at 8), pay your dues, and attend at least 2 chapter meetings (Tuesdays at 9). Our goal for the 2010 pledge class is for everyone to have a smooth transition into the fraternity. This semesterís pledge class will run for 9 weeks starting on Initiation (February 2 at 8 pm).  For this ceremony please bring your first payment of $35 and dress in business casual.  Through your participation in this fraternity, we hope that you will meet new people and develop skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

            As part of the course you will be required to complete the following:

v  INITIATION Tuesday 2/2 Moulton 210 @ 8pm-business casual

v  15 hours of service (3 of the Cís)

v  Attend pledge meetings and at least 2 chapter meetings

v  Attend at least 2 planned fellowship events

-One which will be planned by the pledge class

v  Achieve an 80% on the pledge final

v  Payment of dues - Bring $35 on day of INITIATION

v  Complete payment of fraternities national dues (usually under $100)

v  Completion of a Pledge Class Service Project

v  Completion of one Pledge Fundraiser

Any further questions please feel free to contact your Pledge Masters or any member from Alpha Phi Omega. We are looking forward to a fun and successful semester!


Elena Coughlin                                                                       Alex Bragagnolo                                                   

847-849-7465                                                                          847-609-9342