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Under the guiding principles of leadership, friendship, and service, Alpha Phi Omega provides service to the community by donating time and effort to various organizations and causes. 

It's open to anyone. Welcoming all, Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization. With more than 400,000 members on over 375 campuses, Alpha Phi Omega continues to provide more service on more campuses than any other collegiate service organization.

Setting the standard for college campus-based volunteerism since 1925. Alpha Phi Omega strives to help each member develop leadership skills, experience friendship, and provide service to others. The Alpha Gamma Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Dayton has around 100 members today, providing opportunities of service almost each and everyday. We do not haze prospective members and open all events to all members.

Check out our university group page to learn more about us or email our Membership Vice President at udapomembershipvp@gmail.com or our President at udapopresident@gmail.com.


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The One With the Welcome Back

How you doin’, bros! We were on a break but WE"RE BACK! Happy first day of classes! I'm so excited to see all of your beautiful faces again and serve as your historian this year on EC! This is going to be a great year filled with so much leadership, friendship, and service and we're kicking it off with an awesome FRIENDS THEMED RECRUITMENT WEEK! Before we dive right in, though, I want to recap all of the awesome things that the AGX bros have done this past summer! From great internship opportunities, traveling all over, visiting other bros, and doing some fulfilling service, there was never a dull moment. I encourage you guys to post about what you're looking forward to this semester or something exciting you did these past 3 months! I'll start off by sharing a few! I spent the summer as a camp counselor in Maine and it was one of the most rewarding yet exhausting experiences I've ever had! 

Nolan and his family took a trip to Orlando, FL.

Sean was a member of the Capitol Hill press corps as a legislative research intern for CQ Roll Call.

Erin worked at a leadership conference in Houston for high schoolers interested in medicine and health care.

Caroline visited North Carolina and climbed Roan Mountain with her family.

Liz, Jimmy, and Abby went to the Dayton Arts Festival.

Nora and Shelbie met up for some brother bonding in Cleveland.

Ethan spent some time golfing in Columbus.

Maureen helped her future sister in law get ready for the big day. 

Maggie interned in the global privacy department of IT at Sherwin Williams.


(Check out the Photos tab to see the accompanying pics!)


Can’t wait to see you all at the first chapter! Here’s to a great semester!

Posted by Katelyn Heath on August 21, 2019 at 2:22pm
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