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Under the guiding principles of leadership, friendship, and service, Alpha Phi Omega provides service to the community by donating time and effort to various organizations and causes. 

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It’s open to anyone. We are a co-ed fraternity that accepts all genders.  Anyone who has a passion for service, the eagerness to create friendships and the desire to become a leader somewhere along the journey, will be welcomed into the organization with open arms.  We do not haze, we are not exclusive of our membership and we do not require any pledge or active member to partake in any activity against their will.  In the past, we have had members join the organization at the beginning of their college experience, as well near the end of their college experience as junior or seniors.

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The Showdown
Goooooooooooooooooooood evening, sportsfans!

Intramural chair Marty Bagatti coming at you LIVE with the recap to the NAIL BITING Showdown that ended just moments ago.

The game began with athleticism high and plays on point. The training that the teams had been subjecting themselves to over the past months all came to a head in one single game, and it is truly safe to say every player left it all on the court tonight. 

The first half held a remarkable showing for the Legs. The 1-2 squad which had branded itself as a "second half team" put up the first successful basket of the game, and were leading by at least three points for roughly the first ten minutes. Sophomore walk-on Kaylee Coyle quickly earned the respect and admiration of the entire team as it seemed like she was literally incapable of missing the basket, totaling eight points in the first six minutes. But as time went on, the precision and patience of the Ballers began to pay off. Despite continual efforts from perennial powerhouses Janie Fitzgerald and Ben Breh allowing the Legs to go toe-to-toe with the likes of four-year-varsity player Nathan Borries and basketball legend Nolan Hollingsworth, one play after another, the undefeated Ballers started to claw their way back from an early deficit. In the face of the incredible advances from the newly reformed Legs, the Ballers ended the first half leading 16-14.

As the second half began, the fate of our beloved Legs increasingly appeared to be sealed. It seemed like for every good play the Legs could produce, the Ballers had two more to answer. Borries' height proved to be too much of an advantage over some of the shorter players. Tom Weck's incredible good looks stunned too many players on the court as time continued to tick down. No matter what plays Legs coach Kyle Shoup drew up, the Ballers were always four steps ahead of every move the Legs made.

But the entire tone of the game changed at one pivotal moment. Ballers were up 30-24 with three minutes left to play. Things were not looking good for the Legs, but out of nowhere, hope sprung anew. Chris Tyrell hit a fadeaway jumper for two. 30-26. The Ballers set up under the net to inbound the ball, and in a moment that will go down in history, Jaclyn Strohmeyer (Baller) attempted to carry out the legacy of her big, Delaney Bak. Only this time, the endeavor which Delaney had attempted countless times, was successful. Jaclyn got the ball, turned, and immediately put it back up to the net, and made it. The Scrambled bench erupted in cries of joy. This act of treachery just put the Legs within two points of the Ballers with two minutes on the clock. Ballers take the ball back down the court, lose it on a rebound, and the ball ends up back in Tyrell's hands. Tyrell sees the open pass and throws to Hite. Hite sends the ball hurtling down court to an unguarded Tess "I played in high school" Sweeney, who dishes out an easy layup, tying the game at 30-30 with a minute twenty eight left to play.

With a newfound confidence, the Legs drew up a new plan: stall out the game to turn the game into a tie. But the Ballers proved to be too much for the hometown heroes. Even with the constant efforts to draw out the game, the Ballers had possession, and did not waste their opportunity. After multiple recovered missed shots, the ball ended up back in the hands of Strohmeyer. The player who singlehandedly turned the game on its head just moments before saw her chance at redemption, and took it. 32-30 Ballers. The Legs scrambled to find a play that would work, hoping that someone would find an open shot, some sliver of hope that the team might not leave with their dreams crushed, but to no avail. The clock counted down to zero, and the Ballers emerged victorious.

It was a hard fought game for all participants, and nothing was held back. At the end of the day there was a winner, and there was a loser, but both teams should walk away with heads held high, knowing that they have done their fraternity proud. To many, this event may seem to be a minor basketball game on a Tuesday night in Dayton, Ohio. But to those eighteen players, history was made as first annual Showdown officially came to a close. This is not a moment that will soon be forgotten, and as players depart and go their separate ways, we know that in their hearts, memories of The Showdown and the road they took to get there will carry on. 
Posted by Marty Bagatti on April 8, 2018 at 10:00pm